1. The new website is finally up, have a gander.

  2. Sabrine at Tony V’s

  3. Katie at Cass Cafe

  4. Alex


  5. hey-koolthing said: Dammit Gerald! I wish you would've seen that post sooner cos I just went to the library today and picked up some books haha. What've you been up to?

    Sorry, I’ll get quicker on that next time. I’m just keeping busy, living in Detroit, going to Wayne State, makin’ pitchers with my cameras, and working at the Elaine L. Jacobs gallery. How’s it going for you?

  6. waynestategalleries:

    Jammin on some romainlaurent 

    Swing down to the Elaine L. Jacob Gallery and have one of the assistants put a record on for you!

    I love my job

  7. Nest / Remains II


  8. So my missing wallet was returned…

    …everything intact with the exception of my business cards. So if you see a bunch of little fortune cookie sized pieces of paper with my name it at somebody’s pad forcefully hug the life out of them and thank them for mailing my wallet back. 

  9. Waiting

  10. Meghna

  11. Billow

  12. Nest / Remains


  13. So I broke down and got an Instagram. Ya’ll can find me at http://instagram.com/geraldflynt .

  14. I’d rather just forget

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