1. Although I wish I would have taken more photos, the printmaking conference was excellent. I got to meet a ton of amazing artists and educators, and the vendors that came out were amazing as well. I hope everyone else had a great time as well.


  2. lasercaptain said: You were one of my tour guides during orientation! I love your photography

    It’s awesome that you remembered me, and thank you. Feel free to come up to the photo department and hang out with us sometime!

  3. Sabrine, with “The Keepsake 1831”

  4. Tim, at Cass Cafe

  5. Coffee Mug

  6. Evan, in Printmaking

  7. Sabrine and Jess

  8. Mark and I threw a hail mary and exposed a 16 print mural today of Evan, Sabrine, and Katie at the Detroit Zoo. Not half bad! Now to get some 40” roll paper and make some giant prints. Does anyone have experience making 40”+ silver gelatin prints?


  9. thesmilingfeline said: I really enjoy your photography. Especially the cats!

    Thank you, and if you enjoy my photography you should check out my website! Diego and Frida are great, Sabrine and I have wanted to have cats for a long time, we just had to wait ‘till we had a suitable place for them to live. I’m lucky to have been able to adopt them!

  10. Diego has been trying to eat my shoes since I started doing my Arabic homework, which was around 9. It is now 11. He is very, very persistent.

  11. Meet Diego and Frida, the newest additions to our family! We adopted them from the Huron Valley Humane Society in Ann Arbor.

  12. More excerpts from my latest series “Wildlife.” View the rest here


  13. Twenty Six today! I’m very fortunate to have another health and happy birthday in Detroit. Moving here has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. 

  14. Cannibulls Soup, 2003. Enrique Chagoya.

  15. Happy to be back at the castle.